In order to attract more customers, you’ll need special tools and business resources to automate your business. I’ve listed a few resources below.

Advertising Agency (If you feel you can’t do it yourself, hire us, and we’ll do it for you.)

Accept Credit Cards Now (Low cost, no application fee for online credit card acceptance)

Aweber – Email Marketing system (A top, very easy to use email marketing system for online marketing)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor statistics)

Canva – A great way to design banners, facebook posts, and much more.

City Demographic Data for the U.S.A.  (Great way to research city data for your brick and mortar business.)

Crowdsourcing and Crowd Funding (Alternative ways to raise funds for your business)

Customer Avatar Worksheet (Online list broker)

Domain Name Registration (Low cost domain registrar with many free extras. Hosting and email marketing systems available.)

Hosting (Includes hosting, video hosting, email marketing and web conferencing)

PayPal – Credit card processing platform

PicMonkey – Online photo editor.

Public Domain Resource (You will find just about anything you can use copy-right free at this location)

Revenue Analyzer – Easy calculator that helps you determine quantity of products (or service hours)  you must sell in order to meet financial goals.

SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)

US Census Bureau Quick Facts (Another great research resource from the U.S. Census)

Video Conference Service (Zoom is an easy to use vide conferencing system.)

Webinar Platform (One presenter, to many people, unlike Zoom.)