Marketing Audit Questionnaire

The Marketing Audit Questionnaire is comprised of 54 questions, that when answered correctly, will help create a very profitable marketing plan for your business.

This questionnaire is the first step of the Million Dollar  Customer Attraction System.

Click on each of the links below in order to complete the 9 sections of the questionnaire. It has been broken down into sections, so that you can complete each section at your leisure.

Whenever I sit with a client and go over these questions, the time spent is an average of 6 hours. This means that you must give each question some thought, and not just answer hastily.

There is an explanation for all of the questions within each form, so just click on the play button for each section and listen as I guide you on how to best answer each question. There will be a 2-3 second pause within each question. This is when you should pause the audio and answer the question.

Once you’ve completed one section, you must click on the “Submit and Go to Next Section” button. Once you do this, you will be emailed all of your answers for that section. In order to navigate to the next section, simply use the navigation bar, or come back to this page.

Ensure to keep all of your answers in a safe place because that is how you will create your plan as we go along this journey.

Click on each link to complete each form. Please do so in order.

Questionnaire – Intro

Questionnaire – Part 1 (Tell us about your business)

Questionnaire – Part 2 (Assessing current clients)

Questionnaire – Part 3 (Identifying your market)

Questionnaire – Part 4 (Identifying competitive and noncompetitive assets)

Questionnaire – Part 5 (Past and current marketing strategies)

Questionnaire – Part 6 (Identifying your clients’ marginal net worth to your business)

Questionnaire – Part 7 (Leveraging your business for maximum profit)

Questionnaire – Part 8 (Goal setting)