For Chambers

If you are a Chamber of Commerce anywhere in the United States, and would like to offer your membership the business resources within this web site, please contact us.

Chamber of Commerce

All participating Chambers of Commerce and approved organizations can offer this service as a free benefit to their members.

What your member gets access to:

  • Video recordings of courses that are currently sold elsewhere
  • Webinar presentations specifically tailored for small to mid-sized business owners
  • Recorded workshops delivered by industry experts who are Chamber members
  • Free and discounted business tools and resources
  • Productivity tools and videos
  • Inspirational tools and videos
  • An ever-growing business resource that adds value to their membership

This member retention tool is available to Chambers and approved organizations at a low annual fee.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to see how this service can help you gain and retain more members, please click here contact us today.