Digital Marketing xFactor Bootcamp

Edison GuzmanHello Small Business Owner.

My name is Edison Guzman, and here’s a little story that may resonate with you and your business.

I recently met with a prospective client that needed help with getting more customers for her business.

She has owned a restaurant for over 40 years and proceeded to tell me how, in the past, she was able to get clients by placing ads in local newspapers, coupon magazines, yellow pages, etc.

She was happy with the results, until a few years ago. Although her food is great, she has great reviews and the service is second-to-none, it was evident that something was wrong.

She also told me about her web designer of ten years. She explained how he has been great, but lately he has not been as responsive as she’d like him to be.

The problem, she explained, is not that he would not update her website.

The problem is that, for all the services she’s paying on a monthly basis, she does not see the results she anticipated.

What’s worse, she admitted, is that she doesn’t know, what she doesn’t know.

  • She doesn’t know exactly what she is paying for.
  • She doesn’t understand what the services are supposed to cost.
  • She doesn’t know how to read the analytics for her account.
  • She doesn’t know if the work is being done.
  • She doesn’t know if she’s advertising correctly, within the correct medium.

One thing she does know, is that revenues are down and expenses are up.

We spoke a little longer about the services she’s paying for, and we jumped on her computer to see exactly what she was doing.

Together, we logged in to some of her accounts and saw that her designer was doing everything she asked for.

We saw that she was listed in all local directories.

We saw that her web site was up to date, but very cluttered.

We saw that her Facebook page, was somewhat being utilized, but not to it’s fullest potential.

We saw that she had implemented an email marketing program on her web site to capture email addresses.

We saw a few instances where she was simply throwing money away because the services were not appropriate to her needs.

She was utilizing many of the tools necessary to get as many customers in her restaurant as she needed.

But…there was something missing.

She was not getting enough customers for one main reason.

It’s a simple reason, and I run into this problem with small business owners all of the time.

The problem is…

There is no plan.

It doesn’t matter how many tools you’re using if you’re not following a short term, and long term marketing plan.

You see, business owners everywhere, do the same thing. They advertise in places they don’t understand, and when they get no results, they think this new type of advertising does not work.

So, they throw more money at it in the hopes that something works. Worse yet, they stop advertising altogether.

You’ve probably done this. If you have, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Most business owners I’ve met lately are in the same boat as you.

They get phone solicitations every day about a way to rank high on search engines, or get guaranteed leads, or advertise with Google, etc.

I explained, to the restaurant owner, what it is that I do for my customers.

I explained how I help business owners grow their business by identifying the right tools to use, how to use them, and how to get the most out of their use.

It’s not about the actual service the tool provides. It’s about how to implement it properly within your overall business plan of action.

Once I was done explaining what I can do for her, she smiled and asked “how much?”

I explained that when I create a plan for a client, my minimum fee is typically $2,500. A web site redesign with optimization starts at $3,000. Setting up all the proper tools and services required for getting maximum customers can be another $1,500 and if she wanted me to run the entire marketing campaign, it would only be $3,000 per month. Naturally, I explained that I offer a 10% revenue growth guarantee whenever someone hires me at that level.

Her response was priceless…

“Teach me” she said.

“Teach you?” I replied.

“Yes, you were referred to me, not just because I wanted to get more customers, but because you teach business owners to get more customers,” she added.

I thought about that statement and it really resonated with me.

Here is a business owner that wants to learn about all the different ways to advertise in this new world of digital media, just so that she doesn’t waste any more of her hard earned money.

She already has a person that takes care of everything she needs. As many designers out there, her designer’s strength is not creating marketing strategies. It’s not educating their customers. As a matter of fact this particular designer has a full time job totally unrelated to web design, and does the web design on the side.

There is nothing wrong with being a part time web designer/marketer.

However, if you’re looking to spend your advertising dollars wisely, and your livelihood depended on it, it’s always best to hire someone that sleeps, eats, breathes and lives marketing.

So back to our story…

It was clear that she was 100% correct. This particular prospective customer’s need was education, not my marketing services.

Then she asked me when my next workshop was going to be.

I was going to tell her about the two and three hour workshops I usually host, but I sensed that she needed more than just two or three hours.

Truth be told, I wasn’t even going to tell her that I wasn’t planning on a workshop this summer.

Then I thought of all the other business owners on my list that have asked me when I would host another workshop.

It had been a while that I held a fully comprehensive, full throttle, all inclusive, full day marketing workshop where I reveal the perfect plan of action for any small business owner.

So I decided to do just that. Except that it had to be more than just a workshop.

Introducing the first ever “Digital Marketing xFactor Bootcamp!”

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

This Bootcamp will be held from 9am to 4 pm on Thursday, July 20th, 2017.

When you register for this workshop, I will help you create the most profitable digital marketing plan you’ll ever implement for your business.

I’m even going to guarantee the success of the digital marketing plan in two ways:

  1. Every attendee will get 10 weeks of group coaching so that I can answer your questions and help tweak your campaigns. This will be delivered 1 hour per week for ten weeks. All registered attendees will get the schedule for the live group coaching and you can ask anything related to marketing specific to your business.
  2. A registration fee money back guarantee. This means that if at the end of the Digital Marketing xFactor Bootcamp, you feel that it was not worth the money, you can ask for a refund, and I’ll give you all your money back. All I ask is that you attend the full day before making that decision.

So, what will you learn at this Bootcamp?

Everything you’ll need to take advantage of today’s digital marketing space. I’ll only teach the strategies I know are working for my clients, and other business owners locally and nationwide.

You’ll discover social media strategies no one is teaching right now.

If you’re advertising on Facebook or Google, I’ll look at your specific ads and tell you how to optimize them for best results. I’ll even share a little-known strategy I’m using to get customers on the cheap.

I have a client that was spending hundreds of dollars a day on advertising their services. I told him to spend only $100 a day between two services, and now he’s getting more customers than he can handle.

And yes, his return on investment is amazingly high.

This Marketing Bootcamp is not about theory. You can read a book, or go to school for theory.

This Marketing Bootcamp is about teaching you how to get the results you need for every dollar you spend in advertising.

If you’re not looking to get a return on investment, but rather simply want to brand your business for “top of mind awareness,” this may NOT be the workshop for you.

Branding is a byproduct of the strategies you’ll implement, but it’s not the main focus.

Ok, so how much?

If you’re asking how much, this may not be for you either.

Let me explain.

The right group of business owners for this exclusive Marketing Bootcamp with 10 weeks of ongoing support will not ask “how much?”

The right group of business owners attending this Marketing Bootcamp will ask “how do I register?

Asking how much means that you may have a scarcity mindset. I can help with that, but that’s a different workshop.

When you ask “how do I register?” it indicates that you know that the registration fee of $395 doesn’t matter because it does not compare to the amount of revenue you’ll make with all the customers you’ll learn to attract to your business.

Imagine this…

You register today and ensure your seat before slots disappear since space is limited.

You attend the Marketing Bootcamp and create the most profitable digital marketing plan for your business.

You implement your plan, and get on-going feedback on how to tweak it for better conversions over the following 10 weeks.

Finally, you start getting results and getting more customers.

You are in control of your destiny at this point because even if you don’t do it yourself, if  you hire someone to do this work for you, there will be less ad waste, and you’ll know what they’re supposed to be doing.

The annual revenue you’ll earn as a result of this Digital Marketing Bootcamp with 10 week supplemental follow up, will be exponentially more than the small registration fee.

Two things you should know:

  1. In order to give you the most attention, and help you prepare the best digital marketing plan possible for your business, this workshop is limited to just 12 business owners.
  2. I’m only accepting one type of industry in this group. For example, I’m only accepting one HVAC contractor, Solar Panel Installer Contractor, Plumber, Accountant, Gym owner, Real estate Agent, Roofer, Restaurant owner by type of cuisine, Attorney, etc. The strategies you’ll learn will be specific to you so that you can blow away your competition.

Now is the time to register.

When you register, if your business category has been taken, then I will issue you a full refund with my apologies.

You can’t hire a professional marketing consultant to create a profitable marketing plan for your business for only $395.

Register now and be part of this exclusive group.

Click here to register.

I look forward to sharing this exclusive information with you. I truly hope you make it into the group.

To your success,

Edison R. Guzman, LLC
(845) 940-5369

P.S. Remember that we’re only accepting 12 business owners into this Digital Marketing Bootcamp, and one business per industry. Click here to register.