Have you ever hired a marketing consultant that guaranteed results for services rendered?

Edison GuzmanIn other words, what if I guarantee that for every dollar you pay me, I get you three?

Here’s the deal, I’m conducting a marketing experiment.

This experiment will allow you to hire me for a three month period (90 days) at a very nominal fee of only $1,500.

Here’s what will happen when you hire my digital marketing services under this marketing experiment:

  • I will call you (or meet with you) for a marketing consultation evaluation
  • I will create a customized marketing strategy for your business
  • I will also implement the full strategy on your behalf
  • You are guaranteed a 3x ROI (Return On Investment)
  • You keep everything we design for your business

So, if you are one of the lucky ones to take advantage of this offer, I guarantee that the $1,500 you pay today by clicking the link below, will produce at least $4,500 worth of business for your company within a 90 day period.

Here’s the secured payment link.

What happens if I don’t produce?

You have two options if I don’t produce the results I’m guaranteeing.

Option 1: Full refund of your $1,500

Option 2: I keep working for you at no cost until I produce at least three times your investment.

Trust me, you will not have to visit these options at all because the strategy I’ve used for other business owners has produced a lot more that three times their investment within a 90 day period.

By the way, part of the strategy may be to produce a social media campaign where I create a Facebook page for your business and build a following. You get to keep that no matter what.

I may also need to build a full business funnel with follow up email marketing sequence. You get to keep that too.

Perhaps I’ll need to rank your site higher on Google for instant sales. That’s included as well.

The bottom line is that when you pay the $1,500 today. Your investment is guaranteed.

Here’s the link again.

There is one catch…

This offer is good for three individuals only.

This is a marketing experiment to see if I can roll this out to the masses. When I can prove to myself that this service delivers 100% of the time, then I can make it available to everyone.

In the meantime, if this does not produce the same results I’ve produced for my past clients, you don’t have to worry about your investment because it’s covered under my guarantee.

Sounds fair?

Ok, good.

Let’s get started.

Click here to access our secure payment form. Once you’ve gone through the payment process, you’ll get further instructions on how to get the services started.

If the link does not work, it’s because the registration is closed and we are no longer accepting registrations.

Looking forward to helping your business grow.

Edison Guzman